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You Are A Voice of Storm Water.

Whether you are actively involved in the storm water industry or simply care about the environment, you are a voice of storm water.  Join us for Storm Water Awareness Week 2023 where we will be hearing from the many different voices of storm water on subjects related to the Industrial General Permit, Construction General Permit, the Municipal Phase II MS4 Permit, and to the general public.  Together we can make a difference.  Together we are the Voice of Storm Water.

If storm water education is something you are passionate about, sign up to host a workshop!  Share your voice on any storm water subject of your choosing (if you need ideas, we have an inspiration list too)

It's easy and it's a whole lot of fun! 



But even if you don't want to host a workshop, be sure to sign up to attend one (or several) and help us spread the word!  

There's something for everyone! Whether you are brand new to storm water, or whether you are a storm water veteran, Storm Water Awareness Week is for you!  It's an event put on by storm water professionals for storm water professionals and covers a wide variety of storm water related topics!  

Bonus perk - it's completely free!

Register to Attend a Storm Water Awareness Week Workshop
You can watch the recorded version of our Storm Water Awareness Week Workshops 24 hours later HERE.

No upcoming events at the moment
Upcoming Workshops

Who would benefit from these workshops?

We're so glad you asked!  These workshops are beneficial for anyone dealing with storm water under the Construction General Permit, the Industrial General Permit, the Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System Permit, and the general public....  There's something for everyone.  


storm water education applicable to facilities under the Industrial General Permit


storm water education applicable to sites under the Construction General Permit


storm water education for municipalities which fall under the MS4 Permit


storm water education geared toward education and outreach and community involvement

How can I get involved?

Storm Water Awareness Week is powered by people like you!  It's a completely free event - no money changes hands anywhere.  So in order for this event to work, we need people like you to help!  Register to host a workshop, attend a workshop(s), and spread the word!


It's super simple!  You only have to give a1-hour online or in-person workshop.  We do all the hard work for you!  You just show up and present!

02:30 PM

Thanks for registering your workshop!

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