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What is Storm Water Awareness Week?

What is it?

Storm Water Awareness Week is a collaboration effort of the storm water community that exists to provide an opportunity for earning professional development credits free of charge. As we like to say, "Storm water education shouldn't be big business."

But it only works if you get involved.

Storm Water Awareness Week relies on the participation of the storm water community. If we are going to make a difference in storm water education, we need your help!

It's Free

The basis of Storm Water Awareness Week is free education. Nobody pays us, and nobody pays you.

It's education

Even though Storm Water Awareness Week is a great marketing and networking opportunity, it is primarily an educational event. We ask our presenters to follow the "95% education, 5% marketing" approach.

It's an hour

Most professional development units are based on an hour of education. To make it easy on our attendees, we ask that your workshop be at least one hour long.

Sound good?

Host A Workshop

Workshops are the foundation of Storm Water Awareness Week! We will be offering both virtual workshops via Zoom and in-person workshops. The virtual workshops will be hosted on this website. All you have to do is sign up. We'll be here to give you any technical support you need.

Attend A Workshop

Presenters all over California (and some from around the United States) are hosting workshops, and they're counting on you to attend! Each workshop will be presented either in-person or virtually using Zoom, so that you can join in real life or from the comfort of your office or home. Enjoy the great education and networking opportunities of this event for free!

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