Become a workshop host...
share your love of storm water with the community.
It's Easy!
To host a workshop, all you need is an idea for a 1-hour presentation. Here's a list of potential topics to inspire you. Your workshop can be hosted virtually or in-person this year. As always, we're here to offer any support you need!
The Rules
To maintain quality and consistency across dozens of workshops, we ask that our presenters follow three simple guidelines:

#1: It's free.
The basis of Storm Water Awareness Week is free education. Nobody pays us, and nobody pays you.

#2: It's education.
Even though Storm Water Awareness Week is a great marketing and networking opportunity, it is primarily an educational event. We ask our presenters to follow the "95% education, 5% marketing" approach.

#3: It's an hour.
Most professional development units are based on an hour of education. To make it easy on our attendees, we ask that your workshop be at least one hour long.