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2024 Keynotes

Monday, Sept. 23 at 11 AM PDT

Storm Water and Wildfire Remediation

Join us as we talk with the storm water program specialists on the beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii.  Storm water is very important to the State of Hawaii, the ecosystem, the surrounding ocean, and the vast array of wildlife and sealife which call this spot home. 

The 2023 fires in Maui caused vast devastation and wide reaching impacts to life and storm water.  Join us as we talk with the _________ about remediation work that is being done to clean storm water and restore the ecosystem and beauty of this tropical paradise post fire. 

Hawaii National Park
Yosemite National Park

Restoring Natural Habitat and Beauty 

Friday, Sept. 27 at 10AM PDT

Join us as we talk with Yosemite National Park about the restoration projects that are doing to  restore the park to it's natural beauty, habitat, and environment before tourist attraction caused the park's scenic beauty and ecosystem to be compromised for the sake of guests.

Yosemite is actively working on restoring meadows, waterways, removed walking paths through sensitive areas, and healing the ecosystem.

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