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Watch the 2023 Workshops

Did you miss any of the live 2023 Storm Water Awareness Week workshops?  You can watch them

(or re-watch them if you attended the live workshop) here!  

The recorded version of the workshop will be available to watch 24 hours after the live workshop ends.

Summary of the New CGP - Part 1
SWAW Keynote: What To Expect When You Get Inspected
Passive Treatment Technologies: The Power of Polyacrylamide
Erosion Control BMPs vs. Passive Treatment (LSC Environmental)
Summary of the New CGP - Part 2
IGP Basics Part 3: "How To" Tips of Sampling
America's Proven First Line of Defense for Stormwater Runoff Pollution Abatement
Municipal Stormwater BMPs for Public Agencies
The Fundamentals of Stormwater Treatment
Caltrans WPCM Training (Updated for 2022 CGP)
Presenting A Brand New BMP (Kai Pono Solutions)
Ion Exchange and Iron Oxide Media for Heavy Metals and Emerging Contaminants Removal
QSD Field Bootcamp 101
IGP Basics Part 1: What Is The IGP?
IGP Basics Part 2: What Am I Expected To Do?
Stormwater Management: How To Safely Manage Stormwater with PFAS
Summary of the New CGP - Part 3
SWAW Keynote: Which Permit Does My Project Need?  - New De-Watering Requirements in the 2022 CGP
2022 CGP Significant Changes
Removing Forever Chemicals with Phytoremediation Stormwater Bioretention
Summary of the New CGP - Part 4
The Soil Carbon/Storm Water Management Connection: Why It's Important!
Municipal Storm Water BMP Inspections - Observations from the Field
Creative PDH Ideas - Stop Watching Boring Videos!
SWPPP Radio Live!
Navigating IGP TMDL Compliance & Treatment Options
Industrial Storm Water Engineering Assessments
Jobsite Safety for Storm Water Professionals
Summary of the New CGP - Part 5
Know The Flow: Barriers, Dams, and Diversions
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