2022 Keynotes

Airing September 26th

Huntington Beach, CA

Situated in the balmy and gorgeous coastal region of southern California, Huntington Beach is a destination spot for many.  But with the flowing of the Santa Ana River into the ocean and the populous and thriving City of Huntington Beach, the municipality and county faces unique challenges when it comes to keeping their storm water clean and free from trash.

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Carquinez Strait.png

Carquinez Strait, CA

Airing September 28th

Used as a main shipping channel in the San Francisco Bay area, the Strait  and the surrounding California Delta areas surrounding it have some TMDL concerns and need to keep a special eye on industrial activities and storm water quality.

Airing September 30th

Elkhorn Slough, CA

Years of farming and pesticides has caused this slough to be home to pollutants rather than a thriving aquatic community.  Recent projects have been started to restore the damage and begin returning the natural habitat of the Elkhorn Slough to healthy conditions.  Join us as we interview those behind the restoration projects!

Elkhorn Slough.png